Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts is the founder of JBH News who flaunts a proven work related experience in the field of journalistic content creation. He holds a good portfolio of published articles along with proficiency in research and content analysis. With a keen eye for specific details, Scott delivers quality content with experience derived from his term as a journalist and content editor. Email:

Erryn Deane

Erryn Deane has been working with JBH News for five years now. As JBH’s team member Deane is a well-recognized journalist with experience attained from being a part of popular websites in the past. She is also a writer of numerous editorials as well as documentation of high level. She has a forte in content research and development of trending topics. Email:

Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren Elizabeth is the part of our team at JBH News. She holds a strong background in the English language with accuracy in grammar and sentence formation. She also has excellent proofreading and editing skills. Her expertise consists of breaking news and love for communication with experts from the industry. Email:

Dr. Michael Oliver

Dr. Michael Oliver is a genius of words who specializes in the health centred articles and news. Apart from that, Oliver has also written many features, reviews as well as columns in the past that add to his skill set. He has been working as an editor and writer for six years with in-depth knowledge of health-based news articles and relevant structuring of the same. Email:

Amber Martinson

Amber Martinson has worked as a journalist for more than three years for various media based platforms which include television, radio and newspaper. The news content constructed by Martinson comes with authority over the art of journalism and research. He is a result oriented journalist with a focus on content management and detection of subjects that are newsworthy. Email: